15 Months Old – Climbing On The Sofa!

Yesterday Little E discovered a new skill, a skill that will change our world completely. She can now climb up onto the sofa!

15MonthsOld_Climbing1 15MonthsOld_Climbing2 15MonthsOld_Climbing3

This means she has found a fun new place for jumping. It also means she can now decide when she wants to come and sit next to us on the sofa. I feel this little skill has made her grow up even more, nothing is stopping this little lady becoming a fully fledged toddler!

For us this means we have to have even more eyes in the back of our heads. Little E’s love of jumping needs to be watched as she doesn’t know how to get safely down from the sofa. Getting off of the sofa safely is the next skill we need to work on, and quickly.

I do love that Little E can now decide when she wants to join us on the sofa, another big step towards independence for her.

7 thoughts on “15 Months Old – Climbing On The Sofa!”

  1. Oh teach her the tummy slide off the sofa quick! Well done and I love your daughter’s sense of adventure, a girl after my own heart! #SSAAchievements

  2. Aww bless her. My little is a nightmare with this though! She loves to climb and, while it is nice that she can choose to come & sit with us, I think she has done that once. For 2 seconds! The rest of her time is spent hanging over the back, hanging off the arm, walking precariously along the edge, just stepping off into air, and – personal favourite – using the armchair to scale the room divider that is meant to keep her away from computers, etc! I spend at least 90% of my days lifting her off things she has climbed, only for her to climb straight back up as soon as I try to return to what I was meant to be doing! I do think little ones are really cute how they scramble onto chairs though. #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m discovering this! She is having lots of fun whilst I’m chasing her around even more at the moment x

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