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Ethan’s First Birthday Treat – Colchester Zoo!

We often pass Colchester Zoo on our travels but in our adult lives we had never visited so we decided that we wanted to see what it was like there for Ethan’s first birthday, our first official day out as a family. 
Ethan wasn’t walking yet and to be honest he had only just learnt how to sit up on his own so he spent most of his time in the buggy. 
We started of by saying hello to this guy…
…but this little man wanted to say hello to Ethan. I would love to know what secrets he was telling him!



After this encounter Ethan promptly fell asleep, it must have been all the excitement! 
Whilst Ethan was asleep we had fun taking photos with lots of different animals!
When Ethan woke up we started to show him all the different animals in the zoo but they weren’t really grabbing his attention so knowing of Ethan’s love for water we took him to see the animals that also love water. 



We decided as a treat we would eat in Colchester Zoo’s restaurant, this was very brave for us as we never went out without food prepared for Ethan. It was a very lovely meal, both me and Darren had a curry and Ethan had a jacket potato. 
With full tummies we decided to head over to see the elephants, giraffes and rhinos  At certain times of the day they let you feed the elephants and giraffes and this is something we wanted to do.












Unfortunately the weather turned very cold and there was quite a wait for the next feeding time so we decided to call it a day after letting Ethan have his photo taken with the elephants. 



Colchester Zoo is a lovely place and we really enjoyed our time there. We have another trip already planned and money permitting would love to become pass holders in the future. 
Below are some of the other animals we saw during our visit.


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