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Ethan’s Colchester Zoo Gold Pass

Turning 3 means that Ethan now has to have his own Colchester Zoo Gold Pass to gain entry into the zoo, so on Darren’s week off we headed there to purchase it. 

After paying for the pass at the entrance and collecting it from customer service we decided to let Ethan play in the playground as it was nice and empty therefore easier for us to keep an eye on him. 
After some time on the swings Darren decided to take Ethan on the biggest slide I have ever seen! Ethan loved every minute of it. 
We then decided to head off to see the goats as Ethan really enjoyed seeing them on our last visit. If you missed that blog post you can read about it HERE.
On the way we visited the lions, the male was awake and was saying hello to everyone so we got a really good look at him. 


We stopped to see the fish…


…and Ethan made two friends.
We finally made it to the goats! They weren’t selling the food as it was an off peak day so we couldn’t feed them but Ethan still enjoyed himself.
It was nearly time for the afternoon penguin feed and as Ethan enjoyed this the last time we saw it we decided to go and watch it again. As it is summer the feed now takes place outside, we found this out the hard way and had to drag Ethan’s buggy down quite a steep flight of steps but we still made it in time. They don’t bring as many penguin’s out for this feed but still enough for it to be quite noisy. 



We had been at the zoo for a few hours and it was getting nearer dinner time so we decided to call it a day but first we thought we would let Ethan have a few more minutes in the playground. Ethan was having fun on the little slides when I had a very stupid idea! 
I suddenly thought that I should show Ethan it’s not only Daddy that can take him on the slides and have fun so I declared that I would take him on the big slide. This was no easy task! Getting to the slide involved crossing rope bridges and climbing up countless platforms whist stopping Ethan from getting too excited and jumping off of anything too high.  


At the top I finally realised how high this slide actually is and started to panic, my life flashed before my eyes, but I had committed myself to this task and believe be when I say sliding down was definitely the easiest option and Ethan was so excited. So down we went…


…and I survived!

Darren decided to take Ethan down again and I got to capture the moment on video.

Another great afternoon spent at the zoo.


  • sabrina montagnoli

    Seeing him sitting in the Kangaroo is hilarious! What a great afternoon. The things we put ourselves through to have fun with our children! My hubby is a lot braver than me and so is my wee man it seems 🙂

    • Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We put him in the kangaroo the first time we visited for his 1st birthday, this is the first time since then that he would go in it! I doubt I will be going on that slide again, scared the life out of me!

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