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Word Of The Week – Boiler

Our word of the week this week is


we have spent most of the week trying to get our’s fixed.

It started on Saturday when I thought I could hear planes flying over our house. We don’t live near a flight path but stranger things have happened. It turns out our boiler decided to get noisy.

On Tuesday we thought that our hot water wasn’t as hot as it should be. The boiler started to make banging noises and at one point actually vibrated our bedroom floor from the kitchen. By 4pm the boiler had stopped working. We had already called British Gas and arranged a call out the next day, but with the heating not working we were bumped up to an emergency. Having a baby in the house qualified us for the priority.

At 9.30pm the engineer arrived to find out what the problem was. He believed our condensate pipe is blocked. Unfortunately the pipe can not be reached easily but he was able to get the boiler working again.

Yesterday morning at 4am the boiler started banging and stopped working again. Another engineer visit, including one from the national grid to make sure there wasn’t a gas leak, and we have a quote to fix the problem. You guessed it our insurance doesn’t cover the work needed.

So today we will be on engineer visit number three, trying to fix the problem. I’m dreading what they are going to do to my kitchen. Lets hope they can fix the problem and we have heating and hot water again!

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