Word Of The Week – Exhausted!
Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week – Spa

This week my word of the week had to be


I got to have a much-needed me day at a spa. It was the first time I have ever been on a spa day but it was a lovely break from being mum. I got to catch up with my friend and not have to worry about anyone’s needs but my own. Something I haven’t done in over five years. I come away relaxed and hopefully recharged, it was lovely.

Apart from my relaxing spa day it has been quite a busy week. We have had more meetings at Ethan’s school and I have been trying to de-clutter again. We have more toys than the local toy shop and we need to make more room for the gifts Father Christmas will bring. Both Ethan and Little E are starting to grow out of some of their toys so I think it is a natural progression.

It’s been a nice week which thankfully passed without any anxiety attacks, and I might have even started to tackle my to-do list.

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