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Our Siblings During October 2015

I can’t believe how quickly September 2015 has moved into October 2015. It feels like we have just got back into the swing of Ethan being back at school. In a few weeks, he will be on holiday again for the October half term.

Darren’s shifts have been over the weekends this past month. Meaning we haven’t really been out and about that much as a family of four. This means as always we are back to those famous sofa shots.

ethan little e 15 months old
ethan laughing little e 15 months old
ethan cuddles little e 15 months old

Our siblings are still showing signs of a very strong bond developing but we are having to work on sharing.

Little E is showing an interest in Ethan’s iPad. She has only been wanting it when he has left for school or is interested in something else. Unfortunately, she now wants it more and more. She has tried to snatch it off of Ethan quite a few times recently. This has caused some tension. To be honest we don’t want Little E to use the iPad as much as Ethan does. I’m sure a few minutes every now and then isn’t going to hurt her.

Ethan is also showing an interest in Little E’s toys as he is still very much into cause and effect. Little E will actually stand and scream if Ethan takes something off of her. This means Father Christmas might have to bring some joint presents for our siblings this year to work on sharing.

They have enjoyed attending some birthday parties together this month. Little E has discovered a love of soft play. Both of our siblings have kept us on our toes at these events.

I’m so proud of how Ethan has accepted Little E. We were warned that he might not handle her change from baby to toddler that well. Thankfully he has taken it all in his stride. I actually think their relationship has got even better the older she gets.

We have some nice things planned for the October 2015 half-term week. I’m just a little nervous that Ethan might find it a bit too much being that we have to stick to the school holidays now to do things. His anxiety around crowds has really increased now. Having a full-fledged toddler will also be interesting.

I do worry if Ethan’s anxiety will mean we will have to do separate activities in the future. I suppose this is something we will have to work on.

13 thoughts on “Our Siblings During October 2015”

  1. I find it hard when the kids are off for a week or two to get them back into a routine. Both mine go to creche and their schedule is completely messed up. #siblings

  2. I love how Little E’s expression is “what are you doing Mummy?!” They both adorable and it’s lovely to see them so happy and comfortable with each other 🙂

  3. I do love the sofa shots, you get a really good feel for how they are both growing 🙂 Sharing is tricky, my little girl and the 6yo have battles. All. The. Time! Very wearing, but they’ll get there in the end x #siblings

  4. Little E doesn’t look impressed to be sitting still for photos! It sounds like they are getting on well, despite the sharing issues – I don’t think they ever go away completely, mine can be a nightmare some days too!

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