Our 2016 Christmas Tree

This year, because of our front room make over, its the first year we have been able to have our Christmas tree in the place I have always wanted it. In-front or our living room window.


I feel we were a little late with putting up our Christmas tree this year due to being away and other commitments. We ended up putting our tree up on the 15th of December. I had originally wanted the children to help us and for it to be a family affair, but it worked out better for us to put the tree up when the children were at school.

Little E has loved seeing all of the Christmas Trees this year, she has shouted out ‘Christmas Tree’ every-time she has seen one. Thankfully Ethan likes Christmas Trees, he is clearly excited this year and he is unsure why. It was amazing seeing both of their reactions when they first saw the Christmas tree, there was so much excitement.

In hindsight the lateness of the tree going up has really been the best thing for Ethan. We have only had to deal with one weekend of him not knowing what to do with himself and bouncing all over the place. He then was able to return to school to readjust. The break up from school has been hard, we have had him screaming every few minutes, in high frequency, for the past few days. Little E thinks this screaming is lots of fun so they have been doing it in unison!

Thankfully the Minions game on the iPad has held Ethan’s attention today and things have been a little quieter. Ethan is also suddenly naming the days and over this past week we have been able to say, today is this and tomorrow is that (insert said day where needed). We are now saying that Sunday is when Santa comes so perhaps this is helping his understanding.

What’s even better about this years Christmas Tree is that it is filled with homemade decorations from the children. These have been Little E’s efforts from nursery…

christmastree2016_21 christmastree2016_22

…and Ethan has brought these home from school.

christmastree2016_23 christmastree2016_24

Of course no Christmas Tree would be complete without having your photo taken in-front of it.

christmastree20162 christmastree20163

The next few days will definitely be interesting for us, Darren also has to work this Christmas so it will be a little different. As long as it is calm and the children enjoy it I will be happy.

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