ethan little e sitting fence center parcs

Our Siblings During December 2016

This month there were lots of perfect opportunities to capture our siblings together. During December 2016 we got the chance to experience a Center Parcs Winter Wonderland break. In-fact Ethan requested that I take this photo of them both. He told me to ‘take a picture’ which obviously shows me I must be behind the camera too much!

ethan little e sitting fence center parcs

December 2016 has been very busy with the Christmas preparations. Both children have had Christmas concerts, fates and have been learning Christmas songs. My favorite thing this month has been hearing the children sing Jingle Bells together. It’s amazing to think that Ethan really only started to use words last summer. This year he is able to sing a song with his sister. We even heard him singing along to Christmas songs playing on the radio. We can only think he has learned these whilst traveling in the car.

Little E always wants to be running around with her brother and doing the same things as him. This was very clear on our weekend away.

ethan little e watching singing reindeer center parcs
ethan little e seesaw playground center parcs December 2016

We still worry that she wants to do things that she isn’t quite ready for. She always likes to prove us wrong!

We got to visit Santa on our weekend away and thankfully there weren’t any tears from Little E. I think the fact that Santa had chocolate helped. I think Christmas morning will defiantly be exciting in our house this year but I would say that both of our siblings really have no concept of the role that Santa plays.

ethan little e meeting santa center parcs December 2016

We really do feel that our siblings are at the same stage in their development now. They get on very well and it was clear they love each other’s company during our weekend away. They do still have a big issue with sharing and they both like to wind each other up. At times this can be hard due to the lack of understanding and reasoning on both parts. We can only hope that with time it will get better. To overcome this, or at least help, we have made sure that they more or less have the same gifts for Christmas. This can be them having the same toy, or a different variation of the toy. Hopefully, this will result in a calm Christmas day.

It is clear that our siblings have a bond with each other. Little E will ask for Ethan throughout the day. In turn, Ethan will want to see her as soon as he gets in from school. We are aware that at some point Little E’s development will overtake her brothers, be it academic or emotional. We can only hope that their strong bond continues to keep them close.

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