Our 2017 Christmas Tree

Last year we put up our Christmas tree without the children. We thought this was for the best and it worked well. This year, as the children are older, I wanted it to be a family affair. So on Saturday we decided to put up our Christmas tree. We made Ethan aware of what we were going to do on the Friday. For the most part Ethan was quite settled about the change the Christmas tree brought to our front room. He did start to have some meltdowns around putting up the Christmas lights. Ethan knew they were meant to be on the tree and we just wasn’t quick enough for him. He also knew that there should be lights on the window. We need to be quicker when putting up the lights!

Little E helped us decorate the tree but Ethan wasn’t interested in helping. He did pick one or two items to put on the tree but he then lost interest.

christmas tree 2017

Having the children’s help did mean that only certain areas of our tree were decorated. I desperately tried to ignore this and most of the Christmas decorations are still in their original positions. An example of Little E’s handy work is in the picture below.

christmas tree 2017

Our New Disney Decorations

I love a Disney Christmas decoration so we treated ourselves to two new decorations when on our holiday. We picked a crystal look Mickey Ear decoration. Don’t worry it’s plastic. If you look closely you can see the castle on there. It also has Walt Disney World written on it, just so we don’t forget where it came from!

mickey ears walt disney world christmas decoration

We also picked a decoration from EPCOT. Its Figment dressed up as Santa. We picked Figment as we know that the Figment ride will soon be closing. There are rumors that he will be included in the new ride but we didn’t want to miss our chance to own our very own Figment.

disney epcot figment christmas decoration

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