• Autism

    Autism and Snow Days!

    We have had quite a few snow days since we moved into our home. I would call them typical British snow days. The snow comes down, there might be just enough to play with and by the next day it is already melting. In 2012 we had a good snowfall but it arrived on a Sunday morning. We have never had school cancelled or even trouble to get into work. That was until last week when the Beast From The East decided to strike. This resulted in school being closed for three and a half days! Our Snow Day Experience Knowing that we didn’t have to venture out in the…

  • Family

    Our 2017 Christmas Tree

    Last year we put up our Christmas tree without the children. We thought this was for the best and it worked well. This year, as the children are older, I wanted it to be a family affair. So on Saturday we decided to put up our Christmas tree. We made Ethan aware of what we were going to do on the Friday. For the most part Ethan was quite settled about the change the Christmas tree brought to our front room. He did start to have some meltdowns around putting up the Christmas lights. Ethan knew they were meant to be on the tree and we just wasn’t quick enough…

  • Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Confirmation

    word of the week

    With only 30 days until we return to Walt Disney World, fingers crossed, this week has been all about as I had time this week to confirm some of our bookings. This is the first time I have booked a trip to Walt Disney World completely on my own. We have always booked a package holiday but as we wanted to use our air miles for our flights and tour operators were charging over the odds for the Disney hotels, booking everything ourselves meant we got the best deal. In total we are staying in five hotels during our stay so it was important to me that everyone could find…

  • Out and About

    We Finally Visited Mersea Island

    We have lived in our house since Ethan was eighteen months old. Surprisingly we have never really had the time to explore the local areas. Mersea Island has been on our radar for a while. It has been recommended to us as a place we should visit. Finally this week we were able to make our way there. We knew through friends that to visit Mersea Island you have to check the tide times. There is only one road onto the island and at high tide the road can become flooded. I thought this is something that happened everyday, but I have discovered that it is normally for one week…

  • Autism

    Autism And The Washing Machine

    When we were going through Ethan’s autism diagnosis we were asked if he showed an interest in the washing machine. I thought this was a weird question and didn’t understand it at the time. It turns out that an autistic trait can be an intense interest in washing machines. Ethan’s interest at that time was just watching the drum spin as it run a cycle. It then moved onto opening and closing the door and manually spinning the drum. He would get obsessive about it and it was something I tried to stop. I encouraged this relationship by letting Ethan help me turn on the washing machine when it was…

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