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    Autism And The New Shoes Meltdown

    In terms of meltdowns and the changes that the pandemic brought with it this year. I would say Ethan has been pretty calm. Of course, there have been moments, sometimes daily at the worst points, where meltdowns could easily escalate. I…

  • Autism

    Autism and Snow Days!

    We have had quite a few snow days since we moved into our home. I would call them typical British snow days. The snow comes down, there might be just enough to play with and by the next day it is…

  • Family

    Our 2017 Christmas Tree

    Last year we put up our Christmas tree without the children. We thought this was for the best and it worked well. This year, as the children are older, I wanted it to be a family affair. So on Saturday we…

  • Out and About

    We Finally Visited Mersea Island

    We have lived in our house since Ethan was eighteen months old. Surprisingly we have never really had the time to explore the local areas. Mersea Island has been on our radar for a while. It has been recommended to us…

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