7 Things to Know About Maui Before Visiting


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Hawaii is known for decades as one of the ultimate destinations for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. No other enchanting paradise can match its, serene beauty, natural elegance and charm that Hawaiian archipelago can offer. Among them, the youngest and second-largest island is Maui, emerging as the sensational island with over 30 miles of coastline.

Maui is no ordinary island. It is highly sought after by all kinds of travelers seeking for either romance, soul-searching, adrenaline-pumping activities or, everything all together. Your vacation will be surely fun, adventurous, flavorful, full of water sports, hiking and yes, exploration of timeless places like the village of Keanae on the northeastern shore of the Island.

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The churning waterfalls, ethereal bamboo forest, the warm, golden sands, the fresh breeze of the island, all together make a spectacular journey of your life. You will instantly fall in love with the place while driving on the scenic road to Hana, visiting Haleakala National Park and hiking on the Waimoku Falls Trail.

If you get inspired and decide to visit Maui, it will be helpful to learn a bit about the island. There are several important information you should consider such as local weather, exotic culture, and even score some amazing Maui vacation rentals to accommodate the whole gang. So here are the things you must want to know before visiting Maui and about the fun stuff that you can’t afford to miss.

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  1. Maui as The Valley of Isle

The Valley Isle or otherwise known as Maui is named so because it is surrounded by mountaintops rising to the East like a dormant shield protecting the land. Moreover, the island itself extends to the islands of Kaho’olawe, Moloka’i and the Lana’I despite being the second-largest Hawaiian island by itself.

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The locals have worked to keep intact nature as much as possible while keeping in view the comfort of visitors. The land features high-end resort areas, top-notch services, elegant and fantastic dining venues and fantastic shopping centers. You will explore plenty of exciting things in this reasonably quiet island, but you are not going to get bored.

  1. Weather and Sunburn Issues

Like any other island, most of the visitors leave this place with a little-tanned skin. The sun is indeed at its full glaze most of the time, and you need to figure out your outdoor activities and to tour plans cleverly. Using high-SPF sunscreen now and then throughout the day helps a lot before the tropical sun burns you all. There is nothing else that can ruin your vacation faster than painful sunburn!

  1. Coffee Lovers’ Paradise

Yes, you read it right! Maui grows its own coffee, and it’s incredibly impressive. In the United States, the State of Hawaii is the only state that grows and produces coffee. Not only this, Maui brilliant coffee beans are of international standard which are exported worldwide. If you visit here, don’t leave till you have a tour of a coffee farm.

  1. Have You Not Planned Skiing?

Due to Maui’s massive land area, it has the world’s eight different climate zones. Therefore, it is not all sunshine in every corner of the island.

If you tend to take a drive around the island, you will get to experience tundra climates, wet climate, semi-dry and some monsoons as well. So, get ready to get amused at any turn of the road and make prior preparations beforehand.


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There is a highly famous volcanic mountain, namely the Mauna Kea that becomes a perfect spot for skiing when snowed in. So, if you get bored with beaches and water sports activities, get ready with your snowboard and head towards that mountain.

  1. The World-Famous Hawaiian Pizza

I am sure you are all familiar with the famous Hawaiian pizza. But, did you know that it is not created initially in Hawaii? Although Hawaii does have authentic regional ingredients, the original inventor of the recipe is Greek-Canadian Sam Panopoulos. He crafted the first Hawaiian pizza at his restaurant in Ontario, Canada.

Regardless of its origin, Hawaiian pizza is mouth-watering delicious and it only makes sense to enjoy it directly from its namesake. If you are not into pizza, you can also enjoy Hawaiian staple food with ingredients like taro, fresh raw ahi tuna and the Kahlua pork that is Hawaiian specialty makes it incomparable.

  1. Be Aware of Cultural Ethics

Hawaii in general is rich in traditional customs and beliefs. If you notice a sign board saying KAPU, it signifies a highly respectable site for the locals. It identifies a sacred site may be with a meeting place for royalty or an ancient burial ground. It is important to observe properly when visiting attractions so as to offend the local customs.

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  1. Know the Hawaiian Time

“Hawaiian time” does not refer to a timezone, but to a lifestyle. It is pretty often that you will see locals doing things in Hawaiian or Maui time. It implies things tend to move in a relaxed manner on the island. In spite of the fact that a time period may be set for meetings or events, things don’t generally run precisely on time. So, be understanding with this laid-back island way to deal with time, quit checking the time, and simply “hang free”… .things occur time permitting on Maui. Do unwind and run with the nice, steady stream of Hawaiian time.

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