5 of The Best Destinations for Adventurous Families

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As a family, we love to travel. Of course, for us a lot of our trips centre around Disney, (where we got married!). However, as the children get older, it would be great to be able to take them to other places and explore further.

If you’re looking for a holiday that’s going to keep the kids entertained then an adventure packed getaway could be just what you need. Here are five of the best destinations for adventurous families!

Zanzibar, South Africa

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is something so incredible, especially if those animals include the “Big Five” — AKA lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards, and rhinos.

Head off on a safari with your family of animal lovers and remember that there are some really family-friendly options that don’t have to involve camping. Check into a hotel or resort and enjoy other things that the area has to offer, as well as spotting the amazing wildlife.

Thailand, Asia

Popular with backpackers, Thailand would also be a fantastic holiday destination for adventurous families. There is so much culture to be soaked up, history to be learned and experiences to take part in — not to mention delicious food to eat!

Enjoy longboat tours, treks, zip-lines and temple visits for a really well-rounded adventure. It’s not just Full Moon parties and gap year students, Thailand really is the perfect family getaway.

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Sydney, Australia

Australia is the kind of place that really does have something for everyone. For the thrill-seekers in your family, Sydney is ideal as you can enjoy kayaking expeditions, giant ziplines and hiking.

To enjoy some downtime, make sure you check out the must-see attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and of course spend some time relaxing together on the legendary Bondi Beach. Remember, if you’re not an Aussie then you won’t be entitled to healthcare here so ensure you’re fully covered before you set off.

Tobago, South America

If you want the perfect family holiday balance between relaxation, incredible food and adrenaline-filled activities Tobago is a fantastic choice. If you enjoy watersports, try your hand at snorkelling, kayaking or scuba diving, or take the whole family turtle watching! Tobago is full of Caribbean charm and beautiful sunny beaches, so it’s well worth a visit. It’s the kind of place that you won’t ever want to leave!

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Costa Rica, Central America

Get right into the thick of the wild in Costa Rica. Explore the canopy via zip line, or take a hike through the rainforest, keeping your eyes peeled for the exotic animals in their homes. There is so much to explore in this beautiful place, and it’s a fantastic retreat for families who want to enjoy culture, adrenaline fueled adventures, wildlife spotting and fantastic food.

Travelling with your family is such an amazing way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Adventurous doesn’t have to mean jumping off of cliffs (but if that’s your thing – go for it!). For some of us, it’s just trying somewhere new, or even risking taking small children on a long-haul flight!

Let me know in the comments where you would take your family if you could. Have you visited any of these places? What were your thoughts?

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