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Animal Magic at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

During our trip to Great Yarmouth in the summer, we got the chance to visit Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens. Having never heard of Thrigby Hall before I made sure I looked at their website before visiting. Discovering they had a wide variety of the cat family to see I knew Little E would be in her element during our visit. We really enjoyed our time here and I highly recommend visiting if you are ever on holiday in the Great Yarmouth area.

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animal magic at thrigby hall wildlife gardens

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Our Visit To Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Upon our arrival at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens Ethan made himself familiar with the map of the grounds. We decided that it would be best to see the animals in the order on the map. This helps Ethan with knowing what’s coming next and also meant Litte E wouldn’t have to wait long to see the Leopards.

map thrigby hall wildlife gardens

Amazing Animal Enclosures

What immediately struck me on our visit was the amazing animal enclosures. Not only can you stand next to the Leopards, but you are also able to go on viewing platforms over the animals. They also have sections of the enclosures that can go over you.

sleeping leopard thrigby hall wildlife gardens

We got to see every animal from a different perspective and we all loved it. Ethan loved watching the monkeys and gibbons from up high. I think they loved looking at us too as they swang around us.

mother baby monkey thrigby hall wildlife gardens

I loved showing the children the alligators and crocodiles. Normally they are hard to spot at zoos but at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens you could really get a good look at them.

alligator thrigby hall wildlife gardens
crocodile thrigby hall wildlife gardens
darrens feet alligator thrigby hall wildlife gardens

Tiger Tree Walk

What I was not expecting was the Tiger Tree Walk. It is amazing. This walk takes you high above the tigers. But you must be aware it is easy to lean over the sides of this walk. So I would make sure you accompany any children. The walk is above the tiger enclosure, giving you an amazing view of the tigers at Thrigby Hall.

tiger walkway
looking down sumatran tiger tiger tree walk
sumatran tiger

Spending Time In The Gardens

As well as the amazing animal enclosures Thrigby Hall has some amazing gardens to walk around. I really enjoyed the Willow Pattern Garden. It looked Just like the pictures on Willow plates. You can walk over all of the brides on the lake.

willow pattern garden

There is also Lime Tree Lookout where you walk high amongst the trees. Little E loved seeing all of the different birds in these areas. It was the area she spotted as soon as we arrived at Thrigby Hall and she couldn’t wait for the opportunity to explore it.

Keeper Talks and Feeding Times

There are keeper talks and feeding times available to view on certain visiting days. Our visit didn’t give us the chance to see any of these. But we would aim to include them on any future visits as we always find them interesting and very informative.

feeding times thrigby hall wildlife gardens

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens?

It costs £16.95 for an adult and £12.95 for a child to visit Thrigby Hall. Children under three enter for free and there are concession rates available. Pre-booking your tickets before your visit gives you a discounted rate. If you live locally annual passes are also available.

We captured our visit to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens in the below YouTube video.

We love sharing our days out on our blog. Make sure you visit our Days Out and Experiences post to read all about them.

DISCLOSURE – We received tickets to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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