Attending The Disney Cruise Princess Gathering

Attending The Disney Cruise Princess Gathering

When you book a Disney Cruise you know that you will be able to see and meet Disney Characters. There are scheduled meet and greets around the ships and if you are lucky you might find some characters walking around. There are some meet and greats that require a ticket to attend as they are so popular. For us, this was the Disney Cruise Princess Gathering and the Frozen Meet and Greet.

attending disney cruise princess gathering

With all Disney Holidays, it is all about the planning. As this was our first time on a Disney Cruise we couldn’t book our Port Adventures until 75 days before our sail date. The booking window also opens up at 5 am GMT which meant I had a very early start in the summer holidays to make sure we had a chance to get the Port Adventures we wanted.

Your advance booking window is determined by your Castaway Club membership level. First-Time Guests can book their Port Adventures 75 days prior to the sail date. Silver Castaway Club Members can book their Port Adventures 90 days prior to the sail date. Gold Castaway Club Members can book their Port Adventures 105 days prior to the sail date. Concierge Guests and Platinum Castaway Club Members can book their Port Adventures 120 days prior to the sail date.

If you do miss the chance to book these Port Adventures online there is a chance to book when on-board. This is subject to availability after 1:00 PM and on the day of departure at the Port Adventures Desk. There was quite a queue at this desk on our arrival day I was glad I got up early enough to book this online. I didn’t think we needed the added stress of another queue on our arrival.

Attending The Disney Cruise Princess Gathering

As Ethan was unwell on the morning of our Princess Gathering it was only me and Little E that went to meet the Princesses. Our booked time was at 9.30 am and they do not let you join the queue until your allocated time. We were a little early but this gave Little E the time to see what happened at the Princess gathering. This was her first meet and greet so I had no idea how she would react.

little e cinderella sea horse disney cruise princess gathering

We had four Princesses to meet at our Princess gathering, Tiana, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Belle. With the help of her sea-horse Little E made her way along the line of Princesses.

little e cinderella disney cruise princess gathering

By the time Little E got to meet Belle, she had her confidence and sea-horse was no longer needed. This might also be because Little E knows that Belle is my favourite Princess.

little e belle beauty and the beast
little e belle

Each Princess has her own photographer with her but you are not pressured to buy the photos from them. There is also a cast member on hand. They helped me film the meet and greets whilst I tried to take my own photos. Little E wasn’t rushed when meeting the Princesses and they all took the time to talk to her. Even if she was a little shy.

You can see our Disney Cruise Princess Gathering in the video below

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  1. Sounds like a lovely experience – I love that they didn’t pressure you to buy the pictures, that always puts me off things! Poor Ethan, hope he got better quickly xx

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