Our Final Nursery Christmas Concert

Last week we were invited to Little E’s nursery Christmas concert. It wasn’t until after the concert that I realised it was the final nursery Christmas concert that we will attend. Next Christmas Little E will be at school. She has grown up so fast but we both know she is ready for school. Last year Little E was an angel and I already knew she would be an angel again this year. We wanted to prepare her for the required costume change.

little e christmas angel

As Little E has always wanted my support during the nursery concerts I decided to talk to her about this a few days before the concert. I told her that I wanted to sit with daddy to watch her singing. She told me not to be silly and I would sit on the floor with her! I told her she was a big girl as next year she will be at school. At school I won’t be able to sit with her and sing. I decided that bribery was the answer and I promised her that I would bring in sea-horse to sit with her if I could watch the show with daddy. Somehow this bribe worked and there were no demands made for me to be part of the concert.

Little E did so well during her concert. She sat so nicely and let me watch from the audience. When it was time for the angel song she played her part brilliantly. This year she didn’t like the sleeping reindeer song and come and sat with me for that one.

It was so nice to be able to watch Little E’s Christmas concert. She really enjoyed it and I’m so glad she didn’t need my support. Next year will be a year of change for her and for us. It will be her very first school Nativity and it will be the first time we attend one in a mainstream setting. It’s scary how quickly she is growing up.

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  1. As it sounds lovely. My little man ripped off his costume halfway through his nursery nativity but this year…his first one at school he did it like a pro! Xx

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