Pirates League on a Disney Cruise - The Pirate Makeover

Pirates League on a Disney Cruise – The Pirate Makeover

To prepare the children for our Walt Disney World adventure we watched lots of videos and vlogs on YouTube. As I was preparing Little E for a princess makeover we would watch videos of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This also included the Pirates League version on the Disney Cruise. At the pirates league, you can have a pirate makeover. This transformation takes place on Castaway Cay day so you can be ready for the pirate party.

pirates league on a disney cruise the pirate makeover

With Ethan’s autism and sensory issues, he is never very happy to let someone touch his face. He has never had his face painted even though we have tried to persuade him. We made him aware of the pirate makeover but I was never really sure if it was something he wanted to do.

A few days after I had booked our cruise activities, as we watched a princess makeover, Ethan declared that Little E would be a princess and he would be a pirate. That is when mummy guilt struck, I hadn’t booked a pirate makeover! I tried to get Ethan to confirm that he wanted to be a pirate. I also tried to make him aware that he would have to let someone touch his face. As far as I could make out he was happy with this. I was able to book the last available appointment for the pirates league. We just had to keep everything crossed that his pirate makeover would be successful.

Ethan’s Pirate Makeover at Pirates League

Ethan’s pirate makeover was booked for 8.30 pm. As this was the only time available at booking I thought the positives would be that it could be quiet and he wouldn’t have to have the make-up on for too long. On the day Ethan was suffering from illness and possible jet-lag. I had to put him down to bed at 7.00 pm and wake him up an hour later. I was hoping this wouldn’t set the mood for a possible meltdown.

Thankfully Ethan was in high spirits, I think he was excited about his pirate makeover. I informed his fairy godmother about Ethan’s sensory issues and that he is pre-verbal. She was fantastic with Ethan and didn’t worry when he needed to move about.

ethan eyebrows pirate makeover pirates league disney cruise

To my amazement Ethan let her apply his makeover. He didn’t sit perfectly still but she did the best job she could with his make-up. His mustache wasn’t very straight but the fact that she managed to draw one on him deserves a medal.

ethan pirate make-up pirate makeover pirates league disney cruise

I was so glad that we booked the pirate makeover for Ethan. His fairy godmother was so understanding of his needs and talked to him perfectly. I had many highlights watching his makeover and one of them was that he told me that it was fun.

ethan pirates league disney cruise pirate makeover
ethan pirate makeover reveal

Ethan had the basic package in the Pirates League known as the First Mate Package. I had researched the make-up options and Ethan had decided that Captain Hook was the look he wanted. This option was just eyebrow and mustache make-up. The other options included black eyes and stubble which I thought might take longer.

ethan complete pirate makeover

I’m so glad Ethan was able to experience the Pirates League it was such a big achievement for him.

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  1. Wow, that looks like mega fun! I’m so pleased he was able to join in the fun and didn’t find it all too overwhelming 🙂

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