Autism and the Lack of Empathy?

We were told Ethan would lack empathy. That he wouldn’t bother with a sibling and therefore he didn’t need one.


We have witnessed something very different. Yes there are times when Ethan is very indifferent to his sister and their relationship is still very much on his terms but we have witnessed empathy.


The first definite sign of empathy was when Ethan and Little E were playing together. He managed to slightly catch her finger in one of the pop up toys and Little E broke her heart. This caused Ethan to become distressed and he too cried. This left me holding two very upset children both needing comfort.


Little E is also teething and we had a terrible night this week where she just wouldn’t settle. Her cries woke Ethan up and he too wouldn’t settle, wanting to know what was going on with Little E. He found it very upsetting and it took quite a while to get a clam house again that night.


We know there are times when Ethan doesn’t give Little E a second glance, and he also likes to control their relationship which can be quite funny to watch. But there are times when their bond really shines through and we know Little E will teach Ethan so many life lessons and keep him on his toes.

10 thoughts on “Autism and the Lack of Empathy?”

  1. Toni @ Gym Bunny Mummy

    This is so lovely to read. I don’t know where Archie will stand in regards to empathy just yet but he is still very young so we’ll have to wait and see but all we can do is show our love and affection and wait and see xx

  2. I was told similar about all 3 of my children, however the bond they have is beautiful. Its all very one sided most of the time but still there none the less #SSAA

  3. Those two will be as thick as thieves when she gets a bit older believe me πŸ™‚ my two are each others best friend.
    Gorgeous photos πŸ˜€

  4. I love seeing photos of Ethan and Little E together and the bond between them does shine out from all of them. Although I am sure that it can be quite challenging when Ethan gets upset because Little E is upset it is good that he is showing empathy and that is definitely a positive thing. So glad that they do have a lovely bond, even if it is on Ethan’s terms! πŸ™‚

  5. Aw Jane this is lovely, he so clearly cares for his sister and I think they will have an amazing bond, as with all siblings, noone will know them quite as well as they know each other and I am sure they will teach each other so much about life. xx

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