Baby Giggles

Little E first giggled when she was four months old but we soon discovered the only person that could make her laugh was Ethan!


No matter how hard we tired she would not laugh for us.

Then suddenly, very slowly, she has started to find crazy things that Darren did quite funny. So funny that I was able to capture her giggles on video.

Sometimes if she is in the mood we can also make her giggle by tickling her tummy. There is nothing better than hearing a baby laugh!

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10 thoughts on “Baby Giggles”

  1. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Oh no you didn’t! I love baby giggles! I am listening as I type this and I look goofy, with a huge smile on my face! LOVE IT! What a great vid to treasure!

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme

    This video is absolutely precious- it made me a little broody which is something I didn’t think would happen again soon haha! Baby giggles really are the best and she is just so cute! xx

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