Baby Milestones Sitting Up

As much as I told myself I wouldn’t stress about Little E’s milestones I know that I’m watching and waiting to check things off of the list.

Sitting up was a big red flag with Ethan and it was one that was missed with his health professionals. I still ask myself how but that’s another story! So with the wonderful help of social media, I realised that at 6 months other babies were sitting up on their own.

This made me worry as Little E wasn’t showing signs that she was ready. A great friend reminded me that pictures on social media can lie, we know this from Ethan. The joys of Facebook!

So we started to work on Little E’s sitting up. She was sitting up stronger than Ethan ever was at this age but I wouldn’t class it as interdependently.

Now at seven months I pleased to say that Little E is sitting up well enough that she can sit for at least ten minutes before she decides to throw herself backwards.


I’m not confident enough that I would leave her to sit on her own as she can’t get out of the sitting position yet. She also still likes to throw herself backwards at any moment. But here is our official ‘I can sit up‘ photo.

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