Baby Stocking Fillers From The Toadstool

This year Christmas is going to be extra special as we celebrate a First Christmas. This means I have been thinking about what presents we can get for our Little Lady. 

To be honest we only got Ethan three presents for his first Christmas, but as we are visually trying to teach Ethan about Christmas we want them to receive the same amount of gifts. 

Ethan has a stocking, therefore a stocking was purchased for Little E. This then meant I Father Christmas has to think about stocking fillers for a six month old baby. 

My toy choices are very different for Little E, I’m trying to stick to non flashing, non battery operated objects. Well as much as possible! So I turned to The Toadstool to see what I could purchase.  

There were so many lovely items to choose from but as Little E is really working on her fine motor skills I picked the following two items. 

HABA Clutching Toy Whirlygig

HABA Clutching Toy Whirlygig
What I loved about the HABA Clutching Toy Whirlygig was that all of the coloured sections turn, perfect for little hands. It also has a bell which will make a noise when she shakes it. 
BRIO Bell Rattle
BRIO Bell Rattle
What attracted me to the BRIO Bell Rattle is that I could buy it in Pink! I also love that not only can this rattle be shaken but it can be rolled. I’m hoping this rattle will grow with her and when she is on the move she will be able to chase this rattle around. 
I’m looking forward to Little E discovering her new toys from Father Christmas, I think she is ready for new things.  

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