Bathtime Giggles

At just under twenty weeks old Little E giggled for the first time. I would like to say that we did something amazingly funny to bring on this fantastic milestone, but no!

Little E first laughed at Ethan, her big brother. He wasn’t doing anything that funny, in-fact he was just reading one of his books.

Since then Little E has laughed just two more times, both times at her brother. We are still waiting to capture her giggle on the main camera.

The last giggle was a really nice moment between the two of them, and of course it happened when we couldn’t rush to grab the camera, as it was bathtime for them both.

After experiencing massive meltdowns from Ethan because he didn’t like the change of routine Little E brought to bathtime. We thought it best that they bath together. Something that has to be done with both parents to help control the situation and keep everyone safe.

Ethan plays with a plastic cup in the bath and we use that to wash both of their hair. Ethan tries to help us with Little E but unfortunately pours water on her face. We have showed him how to pour the water on her belly, something that he has to be reminded of each bathtime.

On Friday night this activity brought with it lots of giggles from Little E, she loved it. The more she giggled, the more Ethan got excited and the more water was poured. In his excitement he was bouncing all over the place and of course she was giggling even more. It was such a shame when bath time had to end as I could have watched them for hours.

I really hope the fact that Little E is only giggling at Ethan means the start of a fantastic bond growing between them. 

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5 thoughts on “Bathtime Giggles”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I really do hope they will have a strong bond. I never realised how important a sibling relationship was to me until Little E arrived ;0)

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Aw this is so lovely, and just adorable that her first laugh was at her big brother. My littlest always did the same and now at 3 and 1 they have the most amazing bond. x

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