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Belfast Family Favourites – What to Do and What to See

Northern Ireland has got plenty to offer families but with so much to see and do, it can be hard to work out what’s best for your interests. But we can help! A family trip to Belfast might seem like an unusual choice at first but Belfast offers much more than the usual clubs, bars, and shops.

The Northern Ireland capital city is a great place to visit with your children, whether it’s a day trip or a longer holiday you’ll find plenty of things to do. If you’re staying for a few days, you can even take a Giant’s Causeway tour from Belfast, so you don’t have to spend all your time in the city.

So, without further ado let’s take a look at some of my top Belfast family favourites!

Museums and Galleries

Now we all know the stereotype when it comes to telling your children you’re visiting a museum or gallery. But I wouldn’t worry – children are much more interested in history, art, and science than many people give them credit for. And even if there are some frown faces they’ll soon disappear when they see all that Belfast has got to offer them.

Northern Ireland has some amazing museums and galleries but I think it’s fair to say that Belfast has got the best! Some notable names include the Titanic Belfast which features a truly out-of-this-world design, full reconstructions of famous landmarks, special effects, and even built-in theme park-style rides.

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Tour the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is a World Heritage Site, a natural nature reserve and was named the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK in 2005. When you consider how unique and special the Giant’s Causeway is can you really afford not to visit it?

While the Giant’s Causeway isn’t in Belfast, it’s actually on the coast of Northern Island in the County of Antrim, but plenty of tours make stops at Belfast or even depart from there for day trips to the Causeway. So, don’t worry about travelling because with a guided tour it will all be taken care of.

The Giant’s Causeway features over 40,000 basalt columns and is the result of ancient volcanic acidity, there’s nowhere else quite like it. Columns come in all different sizes with some reaching up to 12 meters and both children and adults alike will love exploring the causeway.

There’s also a visitors centre on site with plenty of activities and exhibitions for you to see. A day trip to the Giant’s Causeway is a must for anyone who visits Northern Ireland and with regular tours departing from Belfast getting there will be easy. Educational and enlightening it will be fun for the whole family.

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Castles and Parks

Every family knows that a fun trip to the park is always a good time! So, I have some good news for anyone visiting Belfast because there’s a wondrous array of parks to visit, Victoria Park overlooking the lakes is a particular favourite but you’ll find plenty of them all over Belfast.

But if you want a slightly more royal experience then a day trip to Belfast Castle is sure to be a fun family day out. Unfortunately, much of the interior of the castle is off-limits but there’s still the beautiful grounds to explore and a magnificent visitors centre.

Belfast has got something for everyone and it makes a great hub for networking around the rest of Northern Ireland. From truly unique spots like the Giant’s Causeway to marvellous museums and fantastic parks from Belfast, you can see it all and you’ll never be bored or looking for something to do. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable day out as a family then Belfast is the place to be!

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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