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3 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Kids

Before you have kids, home improvement projects tend to focus largely on aesthetics. Possibly you may only do the absolute minimum of what needs to be done. However, welcoming children into your family will want you to make your home safer for kids. It is important to recognise that what may have been acceptable before may not now be a suitable environment for a young child.

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However, child-friendly homes don’t have to be full of padded surfaces with toys strewn everywhere. A safe and secure home is essential. It also doesn’t have to come at the cost of your décor and personal tastes. At first, finding the right balance to make your home safer for kids can be tricky. When you find that happy middle ground, you can start enjoying your home again. You won’t have the need to constantly worry about injury to your little ones.

man treading wooden trains stairs

Damp Proofing

If your home is prone to condensation or outbreaks of damp, it is important to work to address the issue as soon as possible. While dampness and mould are not beneficial to anyone’s health, the negative impacts are felt more strongly in children. Plus, if left untreated, the damp can spread, making it much harder to treat and eradicate in the long term.

For serious cases of damp and mould, the best way to treat the issue is through damp proofing. Many homes in the capital suffer from damp, meaning that damp proofing is all the more important in London. Other methods to help prevent the arrival of damp include ensuring your home has good airflow and fresh air circulation. Installing extractor fans in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom will help this.

Damp and mould can also attract bugs. A bug infestation is not something you will want to deal with on top of a new family. Companies like can offer services to help if you ever experience this problem.

Stair Safety

Children love to explore, a passion that can often end in trouble. Discovering your little ones somewhere they aren’t supposed to be! While most exploring, when supervised, is harmless, there are certain areas of the home which should always be a no-go zone for adventurous kids. One of these areas is the stairs. Falling down the stairs is a common injury, yet one which is easily preventable. With younger children, make sure to fit a secure safety gate at both the top and the bottom of the stairs. Remember to keep these closed at all times.

For the safety of older children (as well as any unsuspecting adults) make sure that the handrail or balustrade on your staircase is strong and secure. It is also good practice to encourage kids not to leave any stray toys or possessions on the stairs. These can be a significant trip hazard.

Height is Your Friend

For toddlers and younger children, it is vital to keep anything small firmly out of reaching distance. Many small children feel compelled to put things in their mouths. Anything small and unsuitable for youngsters could easily be a choking hazard. Similarly, you should always aim to keep items like knives, scissors, medicines and hot drinks out of the reach of curious fingers. It is always best to avoid any unfortunate injuries or incidents.

As many parents will undoubtedly agree, having children is all about compromise. Whether it is compromising on the little things like watching their favourite TV show for the umpteenth time. Agreeing on whose turn it is to get out of bed in the middle of the night for the third night running, we all make sacrifices for our kids. Sometimes, however, we have to make the right decision. Recognising that the safety of our children is something which should always come first. With these projects, you can easily take the first step towards creating a happier and safer environment for your kids in no time at all!

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