What’s The Story – Your Carriage Awaits…

When I was 16 and discovered that you could get married at Walt Disney World I was adamant that my dream day would include arriving in Cinderella’s carriage. 
Fast forward nine years and Peter and Jordan had a fairy tale wedding including a Cinderella type carriage. My dream was smashed, everyone would think I wanted a wedding day like theirs!
So when we planned our wedding the carriage wasn’t on my wish list, it was also the most expensive option so we decided that we would hire one of the cars for my arrival. 
It was a month before the wedding and everything was set when Darren and I talked about the carriage again. Deep down I think I still held onto my carriage dream, I had dreamed of a Disney wedding for over 12 years I really didn’t want to look back at the day and have any regrets. 
We contacted our wedding planner and thankfully the carriage was available. We didn’t tell anyone about the switch so it was a surprise for everyone. My mum also had another tearful moment as I wanted her to travel with us and she thought she was going in the car with everyone else.



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