Posting and Matching – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

We hadn’t seen our family support key worker for a few weeks due to us both having holidays and it was nice for Ethan to have a little break, but it was so nice to have her visit us again. I’m yet to write a full post about her visit last week but she left us some homework and I wanted to share how Ethan got on for this weeks Small Steps Amazing Achievements.

Our homework has been posting and matching. I have had to give Ethan ten objects from a bag and name them as I give him each one. He then has to post them into the the homemade post box.

When this task is completed we then move onto matching. Ethan has to match each item from the box to one of six cards in-front of him. He did start this task with two cards, then four and finally six.
This task is good for Ethan as he is matching the objects to illustrations and not photos of the objects. We are therefore testing Ethan on his understanding, does he know that the two items are the same thing?!  
We have worked on his homework nearly everyday, well when Ethan was in the mood, and he has matched all of the objects correctly every time.  
I captured our posting and matching on video, it isn’t the greatest filming as the camera kept wanting to autofocus, but you will be able to see some of what we were doing.

8 thoughts on “Posting and Matching – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      He is enjoying posting and I now know that it is also a good calming tool which is why our key worker has also introduced it.

  1. I find this fascinating! It’s so easy to forget that kids aren’t born just knowing that a toy dog, a photo of a dog, a real dog and a drawing of a dog are all still all just “dog.” He’s so good at it! I really enjoyed watching the videos too. He really loves that frog doesn’t he!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes it is very weird to get your head round, I just thought Ethan would pick up this stuff as he went along. I now know we have to teach Ethan everything, I know that sounds weird lol. Ethan really is surprising me with the stuff he does know.

      Yes he did like the frog and the snake ;0) x

  2. That’s great. It is so wonderful that he is understanding the connection between the photo and object! Hope he is feeling better (saw your post last night) and that you are doing ok…

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      He is surprising me with what he knows, we just need to work out how to unlock it. I have highs and lows, I will blog about it for you ;0)

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