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Bowling Fun at Wellington Bowl Great Yarmouth

Whilst we were on our family holiday visiting Great Yarmouth we got to experience many of the available attractions. We got to go on rides at the Pleasure Beach, play mini-golf in Hemsby, see an amazing circus show and visit animals in different locations. We also got the chance to go bowling at the Wellington Bowl. The children love bowling and it’s something we normally include during our breaks at Center Parcs. It was nice to be able to include it during our trip to Great Yarmouth.

Bowling Fun at Wellington Bowl Great Yarmouth

Where Is Wellington Bowl?

Wellington Bowl can be found on Wellington Pier. The Pier is located off of the Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth. You must walk through the pier arcade as the bowling alley is located at the end of the pier.

wellington bowl great yarmouth

Wellington Bowl is home to ten full-sized bowling lanes, American pool tables and a games area. There is also a Bowl Diner and the Ocean View Bar which really does have an amazing sea view.

full-sized bowling lanes wellington bowl great yarmouth

How Much Does It Cost To Bowl?

For a group of four people, one game will cost £28.00 and two games will cost £46.00. Up to six people can bowl for an hour for £35.00. Individual games cost £7.75 per person. If you have a student card it costs £5.75 per game. Parties are also available to book at the Wellington Bowl for both children and adults. If you are a regular customer make sure you ask about the loyalty scheme. Every five games played will earn one free game.

sea view ocean view bar

Our Family Bowling Match At Wellington Bowl

When we set up our bowling games we always put the bumpers on for the children. In hindsight, I should put the bumpers on for myself too but being an adult I feel like I should play the game correctly. The children also use the bowling support. Again this is perhaps something I should consider.

ethan bowling

Ethan gets very excited about bowling and we have to make sure we manage his love of completing the task with playing the game. Little E is very competitive and always wants to win. It can be interesting managing both of their expectations.

little e bowling wellington bowl great yarmouth

As always the children were able to show us what bowling pros they are. We lost the game miserably whilst the children won with a point between them. We even let the children take some of our goes in the hope to boost our own scores! They were both given bowling champion certificates to prove how well they had done.

ethan little e bowling champion certificates wellington pier great yarmouth

We had a lovely time at Wellington Bowl it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the seafront. You could easily spend a few hours there if you combine your visit with a meal at the Bowl Diner. Eating a meal with that sea view would make a visit totally worthwhile for us.

DISCLOSURE – We received a game of bowling at the Wellington Bowl as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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