ethan little e mad hatters tea cups disneyland paris

Project 365 2022 Week 30, 31 & 32 Days 204-224

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 30, 31 and 32. It was a sad start to the summer holidays as we had to say goodbye to one of our cats, Neo. It was also the start of our summer holiday adventures. We spent seven nights in France visiting both Disneyland Paris and Villages Nature Paris. We also went on our first-ever glamping trip. Living like Hagrid in a Harry Potter-themed hut.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 30, 31 & 32

Day 204 – Week 30

two woodpeckers grass project 365 2022 Week 30

I do love the location of our house we get to see so much wildlife. At the start of the summer holidays, we had two visiting woodpeckers. This isn’t a great photo of them but this was an early morning visit I captured on my phone.

Day 205

Christmas Gifts For Your Cat

This photo wasn’t taken today as it was a sad and busy day. Our cat Neo wasn’t himself in the weeks leading up to the summer holidays. He was uncomfortable in the heat and he hadn’t really left my side for months. Never going upstairs which was his normal routine. He was having toilet issues and he looked very fed up. We took him to the vet for advice and we knew it was time to say goodbye. He had just celebrated his 18th birthday and he is very missed.

Day 206

french stamp passport project 365 2022 Week 30

Today we made our way to France. I got a bit too excited about a stamp being added to my passport. It felt weird going on holiday after saying goodbye to Neo and there were tears on the journey.

Day 207

darren jane ethan little e main street disneyland park disneyland paris

We stayed in a hotel close to Disneyland Paris last night, Novotel Marne Vallee Collegien. We transferred over to Disney’s Newport Bay this morning and we spent our visit full day in Disneyland Paris. This was our first visit since 2020 when the parks were able to open up again after the covid closure. Things were ‘normal’ again and we even got to hug Mickey Mouse.

Day 208

ethan little e mr smee plaza gardens disneyland paris

We were up bright and early for a character breakfast at Plaza Gardens. Another chance to cuddle characters and we got to enter the park before it officially opens.

Day 209

vampirina disney junior dream factory disneyland paris

I love the shows at Disneyland Paris, it’s what makes the trip for me. We got to watch the new Disney Junior Dream Factory show. Ellie thought she might be too old for it but she loved it. I think Ethan might always love Disney Junior.

Day 210

ethan little e mad hatters tea cups disneyland paris

We had our last few hours in the park today. This means selecting the favourite rides to go on for the last time. It’s always the Mad Hatters Tea Cups, although the Star Wars ride was a big hit this time too.

Day 211 – Week 31

ethan little e pony rides villages nature paris

Although our time at Disneyland Paris come to an end our stay in France didn’t. I had booked us a weekend stay at Villages Nature Paris. We wanted to experience what it was like to stay in a European Center Parcs. The activity I booked for the children today was pony rides. Both children are now too old for this activity in the UK Center Parcs. I was glad they could experience it in France.

Day 212

ethan little e driving mini jeeps villages nature paris

Today’s activity was mini jeeps. Ethan has always been too old to do this activity with his sister in the UK. He loved getting the chance to drive the cars with her.

Day 213

river reeds villages nature paris

It was time to say goodbye to our premium cottage and this view. We said goodbye to France and made our way back to England.

Day 214

new blue mickey mouse mug project 365 2022 Week 30

Straight back into work for me today. I have a new Mickey mug for my tea to get me through the day.

Day 215

m&ms chocolate biscuit bar project 365 2022 Week 30

Ethan picked these snacks in France. I might have helped to finish off the packet!

Day 216

disneyland paris 30th anniversary water bottle

Little E took all of her birthday money to Disneyland Paris. She treated herself to quite a few things. This was one of them. I’m sure this will be the most expensive water bottle she will ever own. This water bottle celebrates the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary.

Day 217

24.4 degree celsius house temperature project 365 2022 Week 30

The house is finally getting cooler in the evenings. The heat this year has been hard.

Day 218 – Week 32

the hut harry potter glamping north hill farm

I have always wanted to take the children on a glamping holiday. I booked a stay at North Hill Farm as they have The Hut to stay in which is Harry Potter-themed glamping.

Day 219

grazing horse north hill farm

We woke up to see a neighbour in the field this morning. Little E loved her new friend.

Day 220

key hut harry potter glamping north hill farm

We said goodbye to our glamping home today. We didn’t venture far when here as we needed the downtime but you can tie a stay here with a visit to the Making of Harry Potter Tour as it isn’t far.

Day 221

cheese tomato pizza aldi essentials

Ethan has a very limited lunchtime diet. At the moment his lunch of choice is pizza but he prefers the Waitrose ones to the Tesco ones I have been getting. Darren found these pizzas in Aldi. We were hoping he would let us change them without upsetting his routine.

Day 222

hummus carrots cucumber project 365 2022 Week 30

In contrast, Little E’s lunch is very different to her brothers.

Day 223

ethan bridge project 365 2022 Week 30

Ethan has taken to spending time in his room. I’m guessing this is what having a near teenager is like. Darren took him out for the walk tonight for some fresh air. We don’t really leave the house during the week as I’m working.

Day 224

27 degree celsius house temperature project 365 2022 Week 30

It’s getting hot again and the day was early yet!

That was our 2022 Week 30, 31 and 32 adventures. You can read about weeks 27, 28 and 29 here.

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