Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, because of all that gift shopping. And even the small and insignificant things like holiday cards or gift wrapping papers sums up to huge bills after the holidays are over. And that is never pleasant. To help your broke Santa a bit, I gathered five fantastic tips that will contribute to money saving and enjoy Christmas even more. These tips are very easy to use, and they surely work! Check them out bellow!


Introduce him to online shopping

Santa can learn a lot from modern society and the internet. Especially because there are so many great things that can all be purchased a lot cheaper than in traditional stores. That is a reason of the ability to shop directly from products manufacturer. For example, if Santa is looking for a new laptop from Dell, then he should visit Dell’s website. On the other hand, online you can find tons of online coupons as well. ChameleonJohn’s website gathers many great coupons that might be just what the Santa is looking for. So just hit online world before Christmas – you might be amazed how much you can save!


Downsize Santa’s list

Not everybody this year has to get a present from Santa! Especially if Santa struggles with money this year and just can’t afford to pamper all of your co-workers or distant relatives. Better advise him to stick with the closest family members and that is it! Better show some love with cute Holiday cards instead and with some homemade cookies.

Hit the stores now

Right now is just the right time to go shopping with Santa in stores. And there are a few good reasons why. First of all, both of you will avoid huge crowds of desperate last minute shoppers. Second of all, you can go window-shopping more relaxed and avoid impulse shopping you and Santa might regret afterwards. So go for a little stroll in the supermarket, and look for your Christmas gifts right now! Santa will appreciate slow and relaxed shopping more than running around in desperate one night before Christmas.


Treat him with affordable meals

The second biggest money outcome during Christmas is food. We all want to have a table full of various delicious meals, and we might go overboard with that sometimes as well. In this case, advanced planning can make an enormous difference in your budget. Watch the ads right now for special sales on turkey and ham and freeze them for later. Buy the green beans and pie fixings when they are on sale and do the same thing by freezing it. Just think about all the ingredients you typically use for your holiday meals and buy them when they go on sale!

Remind Santa that kids aren’t retail snobs

And finally, don’t forget to mention Santa that children do not simply care how much you spend on a gift! Little children don’t value Santa’s gift based on price – they often seem more interested playing with the wrapping. So don’t let Santa go overboard with gifts for kids and let him pamper little ones with something small, but truly cute and fun. Kids will love that equally as it was purchased for a million!

DISCLOSURE – We received compensation for the purposes of this blog post.

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