The Christmas Concert


Last week we were invited to Ethan’s school to watch the Christmas Concert. It was the first time that I had really been relaxed about Ethan being in a school play as I knew he was with his peers. The previous two years at nursery I have always been worried if Ethan would be able to cope, would his delays make him stand out like a sore thumb and put unnecessary pressure on him.

Of course being at a Special Needs School means that the children all have their own difficulties to overcome, but it makes you feel like a team as every parent in the room is rooting for the children to do well. You also know what a big achievement it is for the children, as a child that is singing in-front of you on the stage could have been non-verbal a few years ago.

Ethan’s year was the first on stage and they put on the Nativity. Ethan was a Shepherd, the first time he had ever had a main part.  Of course there wasn’t many speaking parts, but one little boy was able to narrate the play which was filled with songs and lots of actions. We even caught Ethan attempting to sign, which is something I have never been able to get him to do.

Ethan was very quiet, and needed lots of support to be on stage but he did an amazing job and made us very proud.

The rest of the Christmas Concert was made up of the other classes singing Christmas hits from the years. There were some amazing singers and some fantastic performances. Including one group of boys who did a fantastic Elvis impression which made everyone laugh.

There were of course some children that found it too overwhelming, but they all did really well and my hands hurt from clapping by the end of the show.

Little E also came to see the show and sat very well with the help of lots of snacks.

We were invited to see the children in their classes after the show and we went to see Ethan. Unfortunately this made him very upset and he pushed us out of the class, seeking comfort from his teaching assistant. Being his mum this was a little upsetting for me, but I know this reaction was because Ethan isn’t used to us being at his school and in his mind it isn’t right. He was fine when he came home and was his normal, happy, bouncy self.

8 thoughts on “The Christmas Concert”

  1. Sounds like he did a brilliant job, especially with his signing. Sounds like a lovely event to attend. Happy Christmas to you all. #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. Catie: An imperfect mum

    Oh my goodness what an absolutely amazing moment for you all. I always cry at the Christmas production so think you were very brave. So happy Ethan has a place he feels safe and happy! Happy Christmas x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m so happy he got a place at his school, it really lifted the worry that we had about his education. I do normally cry so I’m proud of myself too lol

  3. Well done Ethan! Christmas and school performances are an absolute joy because D was always too worried to take part.
    Sounds like he did so well and his reaction afterwards just shows that he wasn’t used to seeing you in a different surrounding and (positive spin here) that he’s settled there, with his support.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements X

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I totally agree about his reaction, as hard as it was for us, it shows that he is very settled at school. We couldn’t have wished for more x

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