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The Butlin’s Fairground at Bognor Regis

When we were researching Butlin’s for a family holiday we were excited to discover that it has a fairground on site. Well, technically there are two fairgrounds. The Little Stars Fairground which is perfect for toddlers and Sir Billy’s Fairground. The Butlin’s Fairground is included in the price of your stay and it was a great addition to our time at Butlin’s Bognor Regis.

The Butlins Fairground at Bognor Regis

What Rides Will You Find In The Butlin’s Fairground at Bognor Regis?

The Butlins website states that the following rides are available at the Bognor Regis fairground. The carousel, a Rockin’ Tug, the Trabant, a Waveswinger, the Sizzler, trampoline’s, bungee trampoline, and the Waltzers. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the Dodgems and Helter Skelter were closed during our visit.

fairground sign butlins bognor regis

Little E isn’t a thrill seeker like her brother. The only ride she wanted to go on in the list was the carousel.

little e carousel horse butlins fairground

Ethan on the other hand was up for any of the rides. We only took him on the rides that had the shorter and quicker moving queues. Also, the rides that we felt we could face at the time. He had many goes on the Waltzer with Darren. They even went on the Trabant whilst I was at the silent cinema with Little E.

darren ethan waiting trabant butlins fairground

Other Rides At The Butlin’s Fairground In Bognor Regis?

At Butlin’s Bognor Regis the children were also able to enjoy a spinning teacups ride.

little e spinning teacups butlins fairground

A vintage style swing boat ride.

ethan little e swing boat ride butlins bognor regis

Also there was a small swing chair ride which was perfect for Little E. She considered the Waveswinger too scary!

little e small swing chair ride butlins bognor regis

Butlin’s Fairground Extra Costs

Although the fairground is included in the cost of your Butlin’s break there are some optional extras. There are vintage game stalls that reminded me of the fairgrounds we visited when I was a child. The children showed an interest in Hook-a-Duck so we let them both have a go at winning a prize.

little e ethan hook-a-duck butlins fairground

Ethan was very excited about the go-karts but we knew that he wouldn’t be able to drive one on his own. We weren’t aware that there were two-person go-karts until later in our holiday. This meant the boys were able to go for a ride. At the time of our stay, the go-karts cost £6.00 per person which meant their racing time cost a total of £12.00.

darren ethan go-karts butlins bognor regis

Our below video shows some of the fun we had at the fairground.

Covid-19 Precautions at the Fairground

Covid-19 safety precautions were in place during our visit to Butlin’s last summer. At the fairground, everyone had to sanitize their hands at the entrance and exit of each ride. The rides were also cleaned after each use and social distancing was in place on the rides.

Is the Fairground Autism Friendly?

I never thought about looking into a queue pass option for the rides when booking our trip to Butlin’s. We did however discover that they do have a wrist band system in place for people who struggle with queuing. This was to be used just like a queuing pass at other theme parks we have visited. This wrist band needs to be shown at the exit of the ride so that you can avoid the main queue. We never actually had to use the queue pass. Ethan did get distressed about the queues on our first visit to the fairground. But on our other visits, he knew what to expect. We did however avoid any long queues or rides with long loading times.

The fairground was one of the real highlights for the children during our Butlin’s holiday. It is so nice that this is included in the cost of your stay.

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