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Word Of The Week – Social

This past week the Covid rules changed in England and we were allowed to be a bit more social. Now I must admit we didn’t make any big groundbreaking plans. I’m still in our bubble mindset so I’m also taking it slowly and not rushing things. Darren likes to call me a hermit as I can easily live in my own bubble at times. But we did take the chance to meet up with some people over the Easter weekend.


On Saturday we met up with some friends. Before Covid, we would regularly meet up with them and have even gone on holiday together. So it is safe to say we have missed their company. We went for a picnic in Castle Park. It was a very cold picnic but we did stay out for two hours. The children loved having each other’s company and we had a great time. We hope to meet up again soon and next time we hope we don’t have to defrost when we get home!

On Easter Sunday we were able to venture a bit further and took the children to Holland-on-Sea. Ethan loved going to his happy place but what made it even better was that Nana and Pappy met us for a walk. I can’t remember the last time we saw Nana and Pappy for any real length of time. The children loved seeing them and we spent quite a while at the seafront. It was so nice catching up, visiting a different place, and having a new view.

That was as social as we could manage this week around work commitments. What was funny is that it really wore both of us out. We must be getting old or being social has just got very tiring. We can’t wait to visit other family members but we have to wait for restrictions to lift a bit more before we can make those journeys. With places opening up we are also hoping to visit some new local places too.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Social”

  1. It sounds like a lovely week. I’m not a very sociable person, but then I don’t have many friends or family. I am hoping to get my girls a little more social as restrictions lift. My teen is desperate to go bowling, but I don’t know how long she’ll have to wait for something like that.
    I long for a day by the sea side though, I’m pretty jealous about that.

  2. I’m not surprised you felt tired after all the socialising. We’re all out of practise. How lovely to meet up for a picnic and a walk. It’s a shame that the weather wasn’t kinder, but hopefully it will improve. #wotw

  3. Social is a lovely word for the week, So lovely to meet up with friends for a picnic and to have a walk with Nana and Pappy. Nice to be able to venture a little further afield too. We’re taking things slowly too, but it is nice to be able to meet up with people a little more now. #WotW

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