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Little Stars Fairground, Butlin’s Toddler Fairground

Last summer we got the chance to experience our first family holiday at Butlin’s Bognor Regis. Butlin’s holidays are full of entertainment and activities for all ages. Not only do they have an onsite fairground they also have a toddler fairground. The Little Stars Fairground is perfect for children five years old and under. They must be under 1.5 meters to go on the rides. These rides are included in the price of your stay at the Butlin’s resorts.

Little Stars Fairground Butlins Toddler Fairground

What Rides Will You Find In The Butlin’s Little Stars Fairground?

At the time of our holiday at Butlin’s Bognor Regis, our children were 6 and 10. They were still able to ride the rides in the Little Stars Fairground as they were both under the height limit of 1.5 meters. This gave them the use of both fairgrounds which they were very excited about. There are four rides to discover at the Bognor Regis Little Stars Fairground.

The Cars

These little cars follow the track rails driving underneath the soft-play frame taking the children on a short circular like adventure. Children can pretend to drive the cars but the steering wheel is really just for show.

ethan little e driving cars

The Carousel

No fairground is complete without a carousel. Children can take a spin on this carousel in a vehicle of their choice or one of the traditional carousel horses.

ethan little e carousel little stars fairground butlins

The Ladybirds

These ladybirds can take you on a very fast spin. Well fast for little ones. They were a big hit with our children.

little e ethan ladybirds

The Planes

Who doesn’t love to soar high in the sky? These planes let your little ones go on their very own sky high adventures.

little e ethan flying planes little stars fairground butlins

Our below video shows the Little Stars Fairground rides in action.

Little Stars Fairground Covid-19 Precautions

Covid-19 safety precautions where in place during our visit to Butlin’s. At the Little Stars Fairground children had to sanitize their hands at the entrance and exit of each ride. The rides were cleaned after each use and social distancing was also in place on each ride.

Extra Toddler Friendly Rides At Butlin’s

You may find some of the rides in the Butlin’s Fairground appropriate for your toddler. In Butlin’s Bognor Regis there was a traditional carousel and trampolines.

little e carousel horse butlins fairground

There was also spinning tea cups and a small swing chair ride. It all depends on how adventours your toddler is.

little e spinning teacups butlins fairground

Our children had lots of fun at the Butlin’s Fairgrounds. It is great they they are both included in the cost of your stay.

little e small swing chair ride butlins bognor regis

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