disneyland paris 30th birthday celebration christmas decoration

Our 2022 Christmas Tree

Christmas 2022 was the first Christmas in our new home. Which meant our 2022 Christmas tree also had a new place to live. I also treated us to some new decorations this year, Disney themed of course! And Ethan brought home some more homemade decorations from school to add to our tree. It felt like everything had a little refresh this December.

Our 2022 Christmas Tree

A Tree Skirt

For many years I have wanted a Disney tree skirt. Don’t ask me why it was just one of those things I felt I needed for the tree. But they can be very expensive so I have never brought one. This year we had a little money left in our house fund so I thought new house, new decorations. I still didn’t want to pay full price for it. So when the Black Friday deals appeared and the price was reduced to something I was more willing to pay. I finally ordered our Christmas tree a tree skirt.

shop disney tree skirt 2022 christmas tree

It wasn’t one of the best designs I had seen over the years but when it arrived I was really happy with it. It also gave Little E a giggle as when we talked about a tree skirt she thought it would go around the middle of the tree. As if the tree was actually going to be wearing a skirt.

Ethan’s Christmas Decorations

Ethan’s class was quite crafty in the run-up to Christmas. He excitedly brought us home lots of homemade treats. Little E’s school didn’t join in the Christmas prep in that way. Perhaps it is because she is now in year four and this isn’t something done at this age in a mainstream school. Which is sad for us but also a sign that she is growing up. Ethan picked which of his creations he wanted to put on our tree. He wanted the salt dough decoration on the tree. I’m pleased we have a new one of these as we have one on the tree that must be nearly ten years old. How long does salt dough even last?

christmas tree salt dough decoration 2022 christmas tree

Ethan also made a craft stick Christmas tree. This was also proudly added to our 2022 Christmas tree.

christmas tree craft stick decoration 2022 christmas tree

New Disney Christmas Decorations

Disneyland Paris Christmas Decorations

When we go away we like to buy a Christmas decoration to add to our tree. Last year we went to Disneyland Paris in the summer holidays and so I added to our collection. The first decoration I brought was one to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. They released quite a few different 30th decorations throughout the year but this was the only one available during our trip.

disneyland paris 30th birthday celebration christmas decoration

As I can’t resist a Tinkerbell decoration I also picked up this Christmas decoration in Disneyland Paris.

tinkerbell christmas decoration

We also like the Gingerbread Mickey’s so this little guy had to be added to our collection.

mickey mouse gingerbread man christmas decoration

Shop Disney Christmas Decorations

Of course, I added some Shop Disney decorations to our collection during the Black Friday sale. We got a Disney Key for our 2020 Christmas tree so I had to purchase this one for 2022. We didn’t get one for 2021. I’m not sure if there wasn’t one made or if I just didn’t add it to our collection last year.

mickey minnie mouse 2022 key christmas decoration

Darren has wanted a new tree topper for quite some time. We had our last one for quite a number of years and it is quite heavy. How could I say no to a Mickey Mouse snowflake topper?

mickey snowflake tree topper christmas decoration

I also got a Walt Disney World key decoration. We didn’t make it to Florida last year as we hoped we would but I see this decoration as a let’s get back there reminder. Rather than a sad reminder. It will happen one year, 2022 just wasn’t the right year to make those memories.

silver walt disney world key christmas decoration

As I publish this post we have no confirmed travel plans for 2023. Ethan is desperate to get on the Disney Dream, he loves his Disney Cruising. We have ideas of where we would like to go but it’s working out our budget and working things out around the school holidays. I wonder if we will be able to add any new travel Christmas decorations to our 2023 Christmas tree.

2022 christmas tree

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