little e laying lego bricks ninth birthday

Celebrating Little E’s Ninth Birthday

Dear Little E, this month we celebrated your ninth birthday. Nine! The years are flying by so quickly and I sometimes think you are older than your years. Please don’t rush these years they are meant to be some of the best of your life.

little e smiling face through rose gold number nine balloon Ninth Birthday

I feel this past year has been quite challenging for all of us. You are learning about yourself and where you fit in the world. At times this has pushed me as your mum and we have had clashes that I wasn’t expecting to have until your teenage years. This wasn’t helped by us moving house this year and you having to change schools. I think this impacted you more than I thought it would. We knew our move was needed for our family but you faced the biggest changes. I hope when you look back on this year you will see the benefits of our move and why it was so important for us all.

little e laying lego bricks ninth birthday

As we headed towards your ninth birthday I felt like you were starting to settle again. You have started to make good friends at your new school and I think these friends are just what you need. You got a glowing school report at the end of year four and we are so very proud of how far you have come.

little e singing taylor swift madame tussauds ninth birthday

Although our move brought a change to last year’s travel plans we have been on some great adventures during the past year. We spent the summer holiday in Disneyland Paris celebrating its 30th anniversary. On that same trip, we surprised you with a trip to Les Villages Nature Paris. Our first European Center Parcs experience and hopefully not our last. We also went glamping and stayed in a Hagrid-themed hut. You even embraced Harry Potter this year on World Book Day.

little e dressed harry potter holdling hedwig project 365 2023

You wanted to celebrate your ninth birthday with a stay at the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel. Because of this, we purchased Silver Merlin annual passes. So this year we have been visiting the different Merlin attractions as well as LEGOLAND Windsor for your birthday.

smiling little e lego shark porthole legoland coastguard hq

You continue to dance and took part in the show again this year. You did so well and we can see your improving all the time. When we return from the summer break you will be moving to the grade one classes. You are desperate to join a running group. I put on on the waiting list and hopefully, you will be able to go soon.

smiling little e wearing street dance costume project 365 2023

We really hope you have a great year being nine. We can’t wait to see where the year takes you. Remember you can be anything you want to be!

little e riding bikes at ickworth estate

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