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And Then You Were Twelve!

Dear Ethan, I can’t believe that we celebrated your twelfth birthday this past weekend. It feels like only yesterday I was writing a post for your eleventh birthday and now you are twelve. How time flies, let’s hope you have been having fun!

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We took you to Legoland Windsor for the day which you loved. However, you made us very aware that we should have booked a stay in the Legoland hotel. I promise we will look into staying next year. Perhaps for your sister’s birthday.

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At twelve you are now a senior in high school. You didn’t have to move schools which is something we are really glad of. This made the move into seniors so much easier for all of us. I’m sure this would have been a different story if you had to attend a mainstream school. I did worry if sending you to a SEN school was the right choice. The fact that we have a happy twelve-year-old proves that it was the right choice for you.

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You still love your swimming and love going every week. You took part in your first swimming gala last year and we all proudly cheered you on. Recently you swam 800 metres. I don’t think I could even swim one metre let alone 800!

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The pandemic took its toll on all of us. You took all the changes to routine in your stride but you do now demand more adventures at the weekend. Even if that is a walk outside you want us to enjoy our freedom. You also had to adjust to having covid tests so that we could go on some adventures. We are so proud of how you overcame your fears even if visiting Mickey Mouse was the driving force.

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We hope you enjoy being twelve. The next few years will bring changes for you as you adjust to becoming a teenager. We can only hope that you continue to be your happy self and we all take these changes in our stride.

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