• Ethan

    Learning The Months Of The Year

    For quite a while now Ethan has been obsessed with the calendar. He knows the days of the week and he has been learning the months of the year. This was mostly introduced by going to school but also self-taught with…

  • Ethan

    Awarded Star Of The Day For Sitting

    Last week Ethan came home with a ‘Well Done’ sticker on his jumper. The fact that he had kept this sticker on is an achievement in itself as Ethan doesn’t ‘do’ stickers! I wondered what it was for and wished that…

  • Ethan

    The Special Needs Dentist Check Up

    Last week brought with it a special needs dentist check up for Ethan. After our break through visit in April when Ethan had a toothache we have gone backwards again in our teeth battle. Ethan has been putting up a fight…

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