Swimming 50 Metres Independently

Ethan’s swimming journey has been quite a long one. We have been taking him to swimming regularly since he was two years old. This has been with mother and baby lessons, and then moving him on to a special needs swimming club. He has also had lessons at school and little by little he has started to swim independently without armbands or woggles. In June last year Ethan proved that he could swim a width of the pool and was awarded his 10 metre certificate. Before Christmas he added even more to his swimming achievements. Ethan gained a certificate for swimming 50 metres.

swimming 50 metres

I am so proud of our little superstar. He has come so far but Ethan’s swimming independently is very different to children of the same age. Ethan still needs support in the water. I wouldn’t let Ethan swim in a swimming pool on his own. He will quite happily jump in and swim to the side of the pool. To swim in any direction or with purpose he needs to be guided. He can be distracted so easily which means he is always given a support swimmer when he is in the pool. Sometimes being too distracted can get him into trouble in the water. Hopefully this is something that we can work on.

I would love for him to be able to compete as he has always loved the water but he needs to gain a lot of understanding. As long as Ethan is having fun in the water and is safe I am happy. It’s amazing to think how far Ethan has come with his swimming. There was a time that I did wonder if he would always need armbands to support him. Swimming is a very big part of Ethan’s life and I hope he continues to grow and learn new things with the skill that he loves.

5 thoughts on “Swimming 50 Metres Independently”

  1. This is so lovely to read, I am glad to hear that Ethan is having so much fun. I hope he continues to love swimming. It’s such a vital skill and I wish I could take my daughter swimming, her daddy takes her (they alternate between ice skating and swimming) though at the minute she loves ice skating more, I think because she can go so fast now!

  2. That’s an amazing achievement going from 10m in the summer to 50m already. N did 10m in May/June time, and although he can do 25m+ on his back, he can’t get that certificate until he can do the same on his front. But he’s still only got his 15m. He can do widths fine, but having the determination to keep going down the length is non-existent. It’s painful and I just don’t know how he can get that distance up.

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