Saying Goodbye To Year Three

This past school year Ethan completed year three. His first year in the junior section of the school. It started of well but his behavior becoming very challenging and we have had a tough year. I think that perhaps Ethan wasn’t placed in the correct class for year three. I know they were worried about the sensory side of things for Ethan. Ethan has always been a sensory seeker and he would need time in his day to have that need fulfilled. We do believe that Ethan is actually a very bright boy he just can’t express that due to his lack of speech. Ultimately Ethan has actually proved this as when he returns to school in September he is moving up a class in ability.

ethan first day of year three
First Day Of Year Three

I think perhaps year three was a struggle for Ethan as his class was split between two teachers. He would start his week with one teacher and end with another. They also approached his bad behavior this year in different ways. Ethan is a routine boy and I really think the split teaching was too much change for him.

Year Three Hasn’t Been All Bad

Yes year three has been a struggle for Ethan and all of us as a family but Ethan has had some fantastic experiences this year. In year three the pupils continue their swimming lessons. They also get the chance to go horse riding for a term. I love horses and I know they can be a great benefit for children with additional needs. I have looked into making horse riding a permanent experience for him but our swimming commitments take up a lot of our week.

Ethan also went on his very first school residential trip. He went away for three days and two nights camping. This was the first time Ethan had been away from any of his family for that many nights. It was a big thing for us. We also never really thought of how big a thing it was for Ethan too. Apparently he got a bit upset on the second night but soon settled. Ethan he said he liked camping. I’m not so sure he would go again if he got the chance, we will have to wait and see.

ethan last day year three
Last Day Of Year Three

I must admit that I’m glad year three has come to an end. We are having a nice and relaxed summer holidays and I really hope this continues into year four.

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