Back To School Starting Year Four

Just over two weeks ago Ethan returned to school to start year four. Our summer holidays passed quite quickly and Ethan was soon asking about school. He was happy about having his school routine back. This year Ethan is in a new class and has a new teacher. We are keeping everything crossed that this will mean he doesn’t start his throwing again.


Year four has started off being quite busy for Ethan. They are already horse riding once a week and they have the chance of extra swimming lessons which means they start this week too. I’m sure they will soon start the preparation for the Christmas concert as they like to give our children time to prepare for it.

So far Ethan’s throwing habit has stayed away but he did start to misbehave. He decided that he would start running around the classroom and knocking things over. The teacher quickly had words and made me aware. Hopefully this nipped it in the bud before it starts becoming a big thing.

As we now walk Little E to school Ethan’s routine in the morning has had to change. We now all walk her to school and meet his transport along the way. This was something I was really worried about but it has worked well so far. It is very strange seeing them both in uniform with their backpacks on their backs. I’m very proud of them both. The first day of this new morning routine was the day Ethan played up in class. I’m sure it’s his way of possibly sharing his confusion about the change.

I really hope year four is a good year for Ethan. Year three did turn out to be quite a challenge for us all in the end. We will soon have an informal parent and teacher meeting. We should be able to discover if he has settled in well then.

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