how to keep your kids safe on a family day out

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on a Family Day Out

Family days out should be about play, adventure and lots of fun with your little ones. Yet it’s normal to feel worried about keeping them safe and well when you’re out and about – and the worry can sometimes take over from you having a good time!

If this sounds familiar, take a look at these top tips for keeping your kids healthy and happy on days out.

how to keep your kids safe on a family day out

Show Them How To Cross The Road

Wherever you’re heading, you’ll likely need to cross a road of some sort – big or small. Your little one must understand how to cross safely. So every time you get to a crossing, stop and explain what to do.

You could say something like “Ok, now we need to stop walking and wait until it’s safe to cross the road. Let’s watch for the green man appearing – tell me when you see him! Now that the green man is there, we look left and right to see if any cars are coming. Nothing is coming, now it’s safe to cross – let’s go!”

Pick a Meet-Up Spot if You Get Separated

There’s nothing worse than getting separated from your child – but in busy or crowded places, it can happen. Particularly if your little one is prone to running off. It’s important to have a chat with them before you get there to explain what to do if you get separated from them.

Tell them how to get help if they need it, or who to ask for assistance. Repeat this several times to make sure they’ve heard and understood you! Once you arrive at your destination, pick a meet-up spot that is distinctive and easy to recognise. This could be a colourful sign or a water feature that stands out.

Give Them Protective Gear and Suncream

During your day out, make sure your kids have any protective equipment they need for the activities they’re doing. For instance, they will need a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads if they’re cycling or skating. If they’re old enough, you might want to give them some money to use in case of emergency.

You should also make sure that they’re topped up with sun cream throughout the day. This is particularly important in the summer months! Take sunhats and sunglasses with you and plenty of water and snacks.

Know The Law

If your child is ever in an accident in a public place and it was someone else’s fault, then they may be due compensation. This compensation could be used to cover medical expenses or rehabilitation treatments, which is why you need to understand the different types of personal injury and how you can claim for compensation should you ever need to.

By following these tips, you can help make sure your kids are safe during your days out – so you can have a great time together.

Wishing you lots of fun-filled adventures in the future!

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