Shrove Saturday, Our Pancake Day!

No I haven’t gone mad by calling this post Shrove Saturday but due to work commitments Ethan stays at Nanny’s on Tuesday nights so we moved our Shrove Tuesday forward so that we could enjoy it together as a family. As a child teenager pancake day was something I really looked forward to and I was looking forward to sharing it with Ethan.  

I’m sorry to say that for the past few years we have purchased pre-made pancakes and I was looking forward to making the pancakes from scratch this year and after a few failed attempts I made a nice pile of pancakes for us. 


Darren even attempted to flip the last pancake I made, thankfully it didn’t end up on the ceiling!


Last year Ethan quite enjoyed his first taste of a pancake, it was a classic lemon and sugar one. This year was a different story, Ethan has been very fussy with food lately but he took one bite and turned his nose up at it. 


Pancake Day 2012

Being prepared for the fact that Ethan would be fussy this year we also prepared a pancake filled with nutella, a banana (Ethan’s favourite) and strawberries and cream which Ethan didn’t touch. 



We stuck to traditional sugar and lemon with strawberries and cream on the side.


We really enjoyed our pancakes, hopefully next year Ethan will enjoy it more…

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