Creating A Feature Wall With Wallpaper

We have lived in our home now for over five years. That time has flown past so quickly. We moved in on Christmas Eve and our lives were very busy juggling work, the long commute, a toddler and then an autism diagnosis. We plodded along and never really thought about decorating. Being a new build house we didn’t feel the urgency to redo any of the rooms.

With Little E’s arrival and the excitement of a new member joining our family her room was decorated. Our third bedroom was transformed into a pink nursery waiting for our new little bundle of joy. At the same time we also decorated Ethan’s bedroom. We decided to paint his room blue. I also found some outer space wall stickers to add to the decoration. With the Toy Story details he already had from his bedding, curtains and lampshade, the space theme stickers added stars, planets and rockets. It was the perfect room for our little boy to enjoy.

This year Ethan turns eight. Eight! He is outgrowing his bedroom furniture, as it is the furniture we brought for him when I was pregnant. We need to look at different storage ideas and somehow add an extra bed so our disrupted nights with him are more comfortable.

Thinking about new furniture has also made us look at Ethan’s room decoration. I want to create a room that can grow with him into his teenage years. I have been looking at creating a feature wall with wallpaper. I want to find something that he will like now and he will still consider cool when he is a teenager. He doesn’t need his patents decoration choices embarrassing him in those future years. Smooth and Sleek Graham and Brown Wallpaper has the perfect wallpaper for your Marvel Superhero fans. The Marvels Action Heroes Wallpaper is printed with Vintage Marvel comic covers and features many of their iconic superhero icons. These include Iron Man, X-man and Hulk to name a few but there are many more used in the design. Being that Ethan knows who these characters are and I can see Marvel being on trend for many more years to come. This really would be the perfect wallpaper for our son to grow into.

graham and brown marvels action heroes wallpaper

A feature wall is also something I would like to create in our bedroom. Our bedroom is a room that we haven’t decorated at all since we moved into our home. We have our bedding and light fixtures in a teal colour and I found the perfect wallpaper to complement them. The Superfresco Empress Blue Wallpaper, it is the perfect colour for our feature wall and I love the expanded glitter embellishment. I think this wallpaper would really complete our bedroom. It also doesn’t feel to feminine for Darren but it has the perfect touch of elegance.

graham and brown superfresco empress blue wallpaper

Feature walls can be used in any room, big or small, to make the perfect statement or compliment any design. I’m looking forward to refreshing our home and finally getting the chance to put our stamp on our house.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Taskers The Home Store

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