Our Siblings During February 2018

I tend to write my siblings post around the 15th of each month but this month we went on a little family break. We took the children to Disneyland Paris for their February half term. It’s very close to our trip to Walt Disney World but we tend to follow that pattern for some reason. Our siblings knew nothing of our trip as we wanted to keep it a surprise. Being that Ethan needs to know his routine it was a very risky move on our part. We did let him know that we were staying in a Premier Inn and that he was going on a train. So we did prepare him a little bit.

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Before our mini break, this month was a little testing for us all as Darren had to go on a weeks training course. This meant I was on my own and outnumbered by our siblings. They were very good for me which was all I could ask for. Ethan did have his issues that week caused by the sudden change in his routine but we got through it.

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After a week of being apart it was nice to spend time together as a family at Disneyland Paris. It was nice to see the children enjoying each others company. Also taking Ethan out of the home environment meant that it broke the circle of winding up his sister that he was in. It was nice to see them enjoy each others company and we also witnessed moments when Ethan took care of his little sister.

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Little E has really grown up over the past six months and you could really see it on this trip. She compliments Ethan now and even tries to help him in little ways. She gives him her chips when he is looking for more and doesn’t complain when he eats them all leaving her with none.

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This year is a year of change for all of us. The next news we are waiting on is Little E’s school placement decision. We will find out what school she has been assigned in April. I’m excited for this change for her as we feel she has been ready for school for quite some time. I’m nervous with how it will all work. Two children in two different schools is going to be interesting!

6 thoughts on “Our Siblings During February 2018”

  1. Ah what a fab trip. I keep umming and ahhing about Disneyland Paris especially since we’re trying to disuade our daughtr from us going there in a couple of years and going to Oz or somewhere else instead. What a lovely little pair! x

  2. Oh Disneyland looks amazing, I really need to take my daughter as I know she would love it. I am waiting to find out which school my daughter will be starting this year too, I am keeping fingers and toes crossed it is the one she currently goes to the nursery at. Good Luck!

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