December the 1st – It’s Elf on the Shelf Time!

It’s December the 1st. A day that some families either get very excited about or the day that you dread looking at your Facebook feed. This is because it’s the start of advent and most recently the day the Elf on the Shelf arrives into our social media feeds. We welcomed our Elf on the Shelf Ralph into our home in 2013. I was desperate for Ethan to start getting excited by the prospect of Christmas. I saw it as the perfect visual to show him that Christmas is on the way.

elf on the shelf

With the arrival of Little E and our family becoming a four our Elf family also expanded. We welcomed our Elf Pet Roxy the reindeer.

elf pets reindeer elf on the shelf

I would like to say our elves were prepared for their December arrival. Unfortunately they might have got a little distracted with all the school talk going on. They might have forgot what the date was!

elf on the shelf a christmas tradition

Our elves made their appearance when Ethan and Little E were at school and nursery. They brought with them a Minion and a My Little Pony advent calendar. When our children returned home our countdown for Christmas officially started.

What Will Our Elf On The Shelf Get Up To?

I would like to say that I trawl through all of the pin-interest ideas and have all 24 nights planned out. That just isn’t how we work. Sometimes our elf gets up to mischief. Sometimes our elf sits in the same position for a few days. I do think that might have been because the children weren’t really aware of the elf and it’s meaning. Ethan has never woken up and asked where the elf was. He has known he is around but it wasn’t something important for him in his day. However this year with Little E being three this may change. She has already been warned to be good for the elf. She has already asked has the elf gone to see Santa yet to make his report? This year our elf on the shelf might just start to get a little interesting…

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