Driving the Diggers at Diggerland

When we were invited to review Diggerland Kent I knew it would mean that we would get the chance to drive the diggers there. I did wonder how this would work. Ethan is getting bigger but still needs support. Would there be room in the diggers for two people to drive them?


I didn’t need to worry as there was plenty of room for both Darren and Ethan on the diggers.

Ethan loved driving the dumper trucks and he even took control of the steering wheel at times.

It was lovely to see him smiling and laughing with his daddy as they made their way around the course.

Driving the ROBOTS was a bigger challenge as they aren’t controlled by a steering wheel. Darren knew it was best just to let Ethan be a passenger in these. This didn’t mean that Ethan didn’t enjoy his time driving with daddy. He was very happy driving and splashing through the puddles and moving over the bumpy ground.


I’m so glad that we were given the chance to take Ethan to Diggerland. If we pass any diggers when out and about now Ethan will mention Digglerland. I’m sure he will love to return, we will have to see what next year will bring.

We did return to Diggerland with Little E a year later. I wrote a post about our experience of taking a toddler to Diggerland.

We also visited Diggerland in 2019 in this post I share the 11 Things We Love About Visiting Diggerland Kent.

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