Saturday Fun In The Park!

I was asked to do some work from home today so to balance out my computer time with my Ethan time we took Ethan to the park playground before running our errands in town.

Saying Hello To The Ducks!

This has started to become a bit a routine for us now when we get to the bridge. I make sure Ethan is out of his buggy to walk over the bridge so that he can say hello to the ducks. Ethan becomes more engaged with his surroundings when out of his buggy and as the speech therapist wants us to work on animal sounds saying hello to the ducks and quacking to them like mad things can only be a positive move!


A swan even come to say hello this morning.


The Park Playground

For the past two visits to the playground Ethan has started to take notice of the different climbing frames available to him but he is yet to take the plunge and start climbing. Today was no different and we started off with Ethan’s favourite, the trampoline. It was Daddy’s turn to do the jumping today.



We then showed him a spinning platform on the big climbing frame, anything that swings, spins or lets Ethan bounce is normally a winner.


The zip wire caught Ethan’s eye at this point and as Ethan isn’t big enough and I’m not brave enough to  try that yet, we can leave it to the big kids for a few more years!



So quickly moving on we moved on to another firm favourite the swings.



Ethan then decided he wanted to go on the cone swing, he must have remembered going on this at the country park the other week.


Ethan then moved onto the baby climber and slide, this was new for him and he loved it.




Ethan loves visiting the park and he is clearly learning lots of new things every time we go.

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