No Imaginative Play…

For some reason this really upset me this morning. I’m not sure if its the fact that half of my face looks like it should be an extra in ‘The Godfather’ and I’m bruised because of the reverse root canal I had on Saturday or the fact that Ethan is also a little under the weather today but seeing Ethan ‘playing’ this morning really hit a nerve!

The thought of a child having no imagination is something that I can’t get my head around. Everything that my love of Disney has taught me over the years doesn’t fit into that box and it breaks my heart that this may be the case with Ethan.

We had been in Ethan’s room getting dressed for the day and he decided that he wanted to play with his Vtech garage so I got it down for him found one of the little cars for it and as he was quite happy I went to do a bit of sorting out in my room. (Yes mum you read that right!)

When I came back I watched him for a little while. Ethan never picked up the car once he was just happy to press all the buttons and watch the flashing lights on the garage. Now I know Ethan has a logical brain and he is in his element with flashing lights and buttons but today it just got me down.


I showed him how to push the car up the ramp and make it go down the other side, something I have done with him many times before. And we did have a fantastic giggle when Ethan decided he wanted to keep pushing the car backwards up the ramp.  
What I have learnt from my down moment today is that there is no point getting upset about how Ethan plays, he is happy and content and that’s all the matters. But he has made me realise that its time for me to dust down my imagination and allow myself to be a big kid and have fun no matter how much of a fool I will look because we will be enjoying ourselves and Ethan will be learning in the process.  


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