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Exploring Sea Life Great Yarmouth

Little E loves animals. She was excited that we were getting the chance to explore Sea Life Great Yarmouth during our Great Yarmouth holiday. This was actually our second trip to the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre* as we took the children when Little E was a toddler. We have also been able to visit Sea Life Hunstanton and the Sea Life London Aquarium in the past. I was excited to return to see what marine life they have on display.

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Exploring Sea Life Great Yarmouth

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The Marine Life At Sea Life Great Yarmouth

There are many zones to explore at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre. These include the Rock Pool Explorer, Under the Ray-dar! The Crocodile Enclosure, Penguins, Jelly Invaders, the Tropical Ocean Display, the Ocean Tunnel and Pirate Reef. We spent over an hour inside exploring and these are our highlights.


Feeding The Pacu

When we entered the Seal Life Centre we were asked if we wanted to feed the Pacu fish. The fish food cost £2.00 per packet and I thought it would be something Little E would like to do. You can find the Pacu at the exit of the Jelly Invaders. The tank is open at the top so it is easy to feed the fish. Little E was the perfect height to do this on her own. Smaller children will possibly need the help of their parents to put the food in the tank.

little e feeding pacu sea life great yarmouth

Exploring the ‘Under the Ray-dar!’ Zone

We spent a lot of time watching the Rays in the Under the Ray-dar! zone. The children were fascinated watching them move in the water. The Rays were very active too swimming on the top of the water and putting on a show.

little e looking stingray sea life great yarmouth

There is also a viewing area hidden in the submarine so that you can see the fish from a different angle. The children loved watching everything going on in the tank from here. They kept returning to the submarine for this view.

ethan little e submarine viewing area sea life great yarmouth

Penguin Watching at Sea Life Great Yarmouth

It was a nice surprise to see that Sea Life Great Yarmouth is home to Humboldt penguins. I totally forgot we saw them on our previous visit. Ethan loves penguins and he got the chance to watch them swim in the underwater viewing area. There is also an upper platform so you can see what the penguins are up to from above too.

humboldt penguins sea life great yarmouth

Making Friends With An Axolotl

There was much excitement from Little E when she spotted an axolotl. Apparently, these are the must-have pets on YouTube. I was told all about them and also asked if we can get one. I’m not sure how much of this is true but an axolotl isn’t on our wanted pet list yet. I’m sure they would need specialist equipment and knowledge to welcome one into your home.

little e axolotl sealife centre great yarmouth

It was great that visiting Sea Life Great Yarmouth gave Little E the chance to see an axolotl up close and in person. We talked about it for ages and it made her day.

axolotl sea life great yarmouth

The Wonder Of The Tropical Ocean Display

I think we were all very impressed with the tropical ocean display. The tank is huge and there is so much to look at and take in. Medusa dominates the tank and you have to wonder if she is watching your every move! There is seating available so that you can take your time in this area and enjoy the view.

medusa tropical ocean display sea life great yarmouth

The tropical ocean display contains the ocean tunnel. Ethan was very impressed with this tunnel. Considering there is a similar tunnel at Colchester Zoo in the sea lion enclosure. Something about this tunnel made him do a double take. It is amazing being able to walk through the tunnel and see sharks swimming over and around you.

ethan little e ocean tunnel sealife centre great yarmouth

Stroking A Starfish

Little E is always hands-on when it comes to animals. The Rock Pool Explorer zone gave her the chance to stroke a Starfish. Even Darren took the chance to find out what they feel like. Unlike me and Ethan who kept our hands firmly out of the water.

little e stroking starfish rock pool explorer sea life great yarmouth

We had such a great time exploring Sea Life Great Yarmouth. The children really embraced our time here. It was great seeing Little E so engaged and even Ethan’s reactions were priceless. I captured our visit in the video below. I hope we can visit more Sea Life centres in the future as we always have a great time.

We love sharing our days out on our blog. Make sure you visit our Days Out and Experiences post to read all about them.

DISCLOSURE – We received tickets to Sea Life Great Yarmouth as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.


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