Little E’s First Shoes

We have been undecided about when to get Little E her first pair of shoes. With her standing we thought that we would wait until she stated to take those all important first steps but on Friday she started to cruse the sofa.

During Sing and Sign Little E worked on her cruising skills and I was worried that her socks would make her slip and fall on the floor. We decided that it was the correct time for shoes so off to Clarks we went.

In my mind we were going for pink shoes, I like to embrace the pink but they didn’t have them in the first size she tried on. So red it was.


The first pair of shoes were a little bit tight on the bridge of her foot so she had to try the wider size. Which they also had in pink but after seeing them on Little E we decided that we liked the red shoes the best.


As they were Little E’s official first shoes Clarks also take a photo for you. This is something that they never did for Ethan so I will treasure this photo.


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