First Tastes Weaning – Baby Rice

For the past few days I have been introducing Little E to baby rice. At the moment we are exploring first tastes and are following the Gina Ford weaning guide.

We are on days 1 – 3 where you introduce one teaspoon of baby rise at the 11am feed. I’m going to carry on with this introduction for a week or so. This gives me time to prepare the food for the next stage and just gives her a bit more time to get used to the sensation of solids.

Little E has taken to the rice really well. I feel it has helped her sickness in the afternoons a little, and that is why we wanted to introduce the rice earlier than official guidelines suggest.

Weaning Baby RiceWeaning Baby Rice

Weaning Little E is turning out to be a completely new experience for me. Ethan never used to use his hands and was, still is, a very clean eater. I have very few photos of him covered in food. Little E grabs at the spoon and my hands, and also puts her hands up to her mouth. We are getting in a complete mess with the rice!

Weaning Baby RiceWeaning Baby Rice

Weaning Baby RiceWeaning Baby Rice

I think she is having lots of fun trying out the baby rice.

Weaning Baby Rice

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  1. Dawn, MummyWifeWoman

    Awwww this takes me back to weaning both of mine. Its such a wonderful time and those photos are adorable. She certainly looks like she is enjoying it. Go Little E xx

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